We know a lot of you will simply use your GPS or navigation on your phone, but it's nice to have directions, just in case.

From LA/OC take your favorite freeway (91, 57 to 60, 10 or 210) and go east to I-15, north (toward Victorville/Barstow/Las Vegas).

About 15 miles past I-210, you'll reach CA-138, exit and go left toward the west.  (If you're coming from the high desert, you'll turn right).

Another 13 miles gets you to CA-2.  Go west on 2 toward Wrightwood.  You'll pass through town in a couple of miles.

Over the next 3 1/2 miles, you'll see signs advertising Sky-High Disc Golf and Mt. High Tubing Resort.  They will lead you to Table Mountain Road.

Up Table Mountain Road.  At the top, it gets wider and becomes a parking lot for disc golf and the Mt. High North resort.  The campground entrance is on the left.

Here is a (partial) map of the campground.  We'll be near campsite 14 (please check back on Friday, just in case!)

Posted June 17, 2017