This is the Place

We're getting married here:

Right about here....

Click for maps and directions.

Google Maps says this is in Llano because that's the closest town in L.A. County.  Wrightwood is actually closer, but there is a county line.

We've had a wet year, the area is green, not brown.

As you leave Wrightwood on CA-2 headed east, watch for signs leading to Mountain High North, they have skiing and tubing in the winter, and disc golf in the summer.  This road leaves CA-2 and goes up, it will be on your right:

The turn off into the campground is at the near edge of the Mountain High North parking lot -- on the north side of the road just to your left as you make the final turn.

It's at 8,000 feet, and in June we should have wonderful warm weather near 80.  Then again, we're up high in the mountains and it could be cold and windy.  Bring a good jacket.  A good jacket and a sweater would be nice, especially if you're staying with us into the evening.  It's a campground in the mountains, dress appropriately -- don't dress to impress, we're all friends.

Posted April 15, 2017, Updated May 17, 2017